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What are Memorial Keepsakes & Urns?

When we talk about memorial we think of death and remembering. When we talk about keepsakes we think of something we can hold on to in memory. 

A death in your life is very unfortunate whether it be family or friends and we want to give you a Memorial Keepsake to remind you and your family/friends of the special sole you've lost. 

Memorial Keepsakes and Urns are hand made and will contain your lost loved ones ashes within the making of your glass keepsake or urn. Keepsakes can be anything from a marble, paperweight, pendent, necklace to a goblet. If I can make it, it can be a keepsake. 

Your loved one will truly be apart of the piece and i believe the piece will be part of you and loved ones forever.

Lets talk about it. Please contact for consultation!