About Christian Luginger


“My work is about an exploration, study and voyage so that I may learn and share the trial and errors of being an artist. I do this in the hope that people will have an interaction with the piece and make a connection with their own experience and interpretation. I want people to walk away spiritually touched after viewing my work.”

The man behind Flame One Productions is a brilliant glass artist, Christian Luginger. His work exhibits Venetian, European and Japanese influences articulated through his own distinctive style. Christian uses traditional hot and cold techniques to form his creations. His work may be decorative or functional or both. All of it is beautiful, from the wall sconces, wine goblets and cabinet knobs to the free-form sculptures. Christian fashions Urns, Vases, paperweights, jewelry and much more that glow with light and color.

To learn his craft, Christian traveled to seek out masters in the field. He studied with Robert Mickelson, Roger Paramore, Emilio Santini, Milon Townsend, Caesare Toffolo and others. Christian’s formal education included studies at the Pittsburg Glass School, GlassCraft and Eugene Glass School. He resided and immersed himself in the art on the ancient glass island of Murano, Italy outside of Venice. 

Today Christian is no longer the student but the teacher. He offers classes in glasswork and also teaches his own techniques. Christian sees glass art as a healing force that brings balance to the artist and the world alike. He knows that glass changed his life in a positive way. He is involved with local and international Charities that seek to let future generations express themselves constructively and creatively. In this way the art of glass will endure.

Artist Statement


“Glass brings balance for me and our world in many ways. It helps me align my mind, body, and spirit, and it inter-relates art, history, mathematics, and science. The world we live in is a gateway from old to new, from renaissance to fiber optics and so on. Glass has been a positive influence on all the growth, change, and new technology we use every day. 

My work has transcended into an art of history, portraying how pieces developed 500 years ago can still be reproduced today while designing and expressing personal feelings. Through study of history, religion, and training in Aikido I developed a deep interest and respect for ancient and modern people’s lives and practices. Japanese, Celtic, Egyptian, and South American symbols along with Venetian, European renaissance styles and historical vessels have all heavily influenced my work and life. Dancing with this medium is challenging and relates to a living art form with motion, but glass art is also blood, sweat, and tears, with only one shot at perfection. You may work most of the day, but it only takes one wrong move to lose it all. You cannot just erase or paint over it. You have one shot… 

I primarily use borosilicate, colored tubes, rods, and dichroic. I work with traditional hand tools, and use an oxygen propane mixed torch for achieving blown and sculptural work with the glass itself. I also practice cold-working techniques for producing my jewelry and other pieces. I am a member of the Glass Art Society, which is an organization devoted to exposing others to the wonders of glass. It is a powerful tool and resource in this ever-growing industry, as I must always remain up-to-date about products, trends, and business development. I juggle the rising costs of materials and energy, maintaining positive creativity, staying organized and keeping my team flowing. 

The people I have met in the glass world have been great and talented individuals, which I feel blessed to know. Dreams and careers such as mine can come true. It's an opportunity daily working with the glass, friends, family, and the circle of artists who give their lives to it. Glass has changed my life for the better, and allowed me to lead others in a positive direction. My involvement with local charities and international donations allows me to give back and ensure future generations the chance to express themselves constructively and continue the art of glass.    


·2000, 2009 Robert Mickelson at GlassCraft, home Florida

·2003 Eugene Glass School Caesare Toffolo, 2006 Murano, Italy-month

·2006 Milon Townsend intern New York

·2003 Emilio Santini Pittsburgh Glass Center

·2002 Don Niblack at GlassCraft 

·2002 Doug Rimschneider Milon Townsend at the Albuquerque Flame Off

·2002 Roger Paramore at GlassCraft

·In house lathe class Barry Laffler


·Las Vegas Champs Tradeshow 2011 - 1st Place Greenhouse Installation 

·Tacoma Glass Museum

·International Hot Glass Invitational 2009

·PCPC Arts Festival 2008 - Best in Theme

·GlassCraft Gallery Collection

·Alder Gallery

·National Liberty Museum

·Vespermann Glass Studio, Inc.

·Vetro Glassblowing Studio and Art Glass Gallery

·Kitrell/Riffkind Art Glass Gallery

·Amarillo Fine Arts Association - Fall/Spring Festivals 

3rd Place - 2002

1st Place - 2002

1st Place - 2006

·3rd Place Northstar Glass Competition

·La Buena Vida Vineyard

·Vetro Glassblowing Studio and Art Glass Gallery

·Dallas Museum of Art

·Amarillo Rock & Gem Show

·Kitrell/Riffkind Art Glass Gallery

·Panhandle Geological Women's Auxiliary, Guest Speaker - 2006


On Location

·West Texas A&M University - Nightblow with Frantisek Janak Apr 2001

·West Texas A&M University - Nightblow Oct 2010

·Don Harrington Discovery Center - June 2009

·Tucumcari Museum

·10th Anniversary Demonstration for Vetro Glass Gallery Grapevine, TX

·La Buena Vida Vineyard

·Vetro Glassblowing Studio and Art Glass Gallery

·Coastal Bend (for Dale Chihuly)

·Dallas Museum of Art

·Amarillo Rock & Gem Show

·Sunset Center - August Lights (3 times)

·Kitrell/Riffkind Art Glass Gallery

·Don Harrington Cancer Center 'Stars At Night' (3 times)

·Lobsterfest (3 times)

·Vintage Amarillo

·High Plains Epilepsy Association (2 times)

·Catholic Family Services

·Opportunity School

In House Demos

·St. Andrews Episcopal - Career Day

·Vega ISD

·Olsen Park

·O'Brian House

·Big Brothers

·Girl Scouts

·Pampa Women's Art Group

·Borger School


·Who's Who In Visual Art-100 Artisans, Craftspeople & Designers 2017

·Glassline - Fall 2010; Apr/May 2011

·Contemporary Lampworking Volume III

·International Hot Glass Invitational DVD

·The Flow - Fall 2009

·Amarillo Style Magazine - Jan 2010 "A Brief History of Flame One"

·Vetro - Italian Glass Magazine

·The Flow Magazine - Vol. 2 Issue 3 ,Vol. 3 Issue 2, Vol. 4 Issue 1

·Artful Home, The Guild Sourcebook of Residential Art - Edition #3 (2005)

·National Liberty Museum - Involvement for over 5 years

·American Art Collector Book - Vol. 1 Book 4 (2005), Vol. 2 Book 4 (2006), Vol. 3 Book 4 (2007), Vol. 4 Book 2 (2008), Vol. 4 Book 2 (2009)

·Glassline - Vol. 22 #1 (2008) Goblet Tutorial

·Texas Treasure Book (2008)

·Amarillo Style Magazine Vol. 3 #3 (2003)

·Amarillo Globe News

    06/01/2003 Lifestyles

    09/04/2005 Lifestyles

    02/10/2006 Friends & Neighbors

·Eugene Glass School - 6th Annual Auction Catalogue - countless donations for 9 years

·Television appearances include stories on the news and special programming from stations PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, and UPN.

Teaching Venues

·Vetro Glassblowing Studio and Art Glass Gallery of Grapevine, TX

·Flameworks Glass Gallery and Studio of Austin, TX

·Flame One Productions of Amarillo, TX

GlassCraft Golden, CO April 20, 2016